About Us

casual, everyday jewelry from us to you

My story is probably not too different from a lot of you out there.  This world is full of beautiful, strong, creative women looking forward to their next stage in life.  

My two adult children are grown, building their lives, forging their own trails - making my husband and i so proud. 

So I stand here now with time, energy, creativity, passion and curiosity to put out into the world.

Creating unique jewelry by hand and working with other jewelers has always been a dream of mine.  The world we live in now allows so many of us to explore what we are passionate about, learn from others and pass along what we've learned.  This culture of sharing is inspiring and keeps me pushing my own boundaries to learn new techniques, try, fail, try again, fail again, try again...

My goals are fairly simple:

- push myself to learn

- look for inspiration everywhere

- keep things affordable

- have FUN

Perhaps most important of all, my goal is to always be engaged with the community that has been so generous as to buy something I've made.  It's such a humbling feeling to know someone saw something I made, found it to be beautiful or fun or cool and decided it was worth it.  I'm blessed to have the best customers in the world.

So that's my story.  Here I am... Come join the vibe of coolhÜman.