Nike stands for the goddess of victory

This beautiful handcrafted gold filled bracelet has the same desirable properties and look of solid gold. Made with 14K gold filled 5mm beads with a trendy & stylish 14K gold filled 3x38mm curved tube


  • -Caring for gold filled jewelry is not too much different from caring for other types of fine jewelry. Here are our top tips:

    -Clean your gold filled jewelry regularly using warm water to wash and a soft cloth to pat dry. Never rub it after washing as this can cause discoloring.

    -Avoid wearing your gold filled jewelry in the ocean or swimming pools, as the salt water and chlorine can cause damage.

    -Keep your gold filled jewelry as dry as possible and away from pesky humidity! Make sure you store it individually in an air-tight plastic bag as rubbing it against other jewelry can cause it to lose its sheen.

    -Avoid wearing your gold filled jewelry when cleaning. Exposure to heavy detergents and cleaning agents can be detrimental.

    -Be mindful that perfume, hairspray and hand lotions may tarnish your gold filled jewelry due to the harsh chemicals they contain.

    -Gently wipe your gold filled piece with a jewelry polishing, non-scratch cloth every now and again to promote shine.